April 2008

Last night, Rose’s 60-year-old best friend told me I looked like Jane Fonda in Barbarella.

I don’t believe her, but I’ll take it.

She also told me I have great eyebrows.

This week, for the first time ever in my life, I was in the same room as Seth Green. He was ten feet away from me, and I swear he made eye contact. After ten years of pining away, my dream has started to come true.

I realize that this post is chock full of creep/nerdom, but I have to keep hope alive. There’s a reason he is 33 and single… right? So, if anyone out there can help me break my ten foot record with Seth, I would be eternally grateful.

Brianna is out of the office today. Please leave your messages in the comments area, and she will get back to you as soon as she can.


This post is for every drama teacher that never cast me in the school plays, all the kids at school who made fun of me, and for my mom who told me to give up my dreams. To all the people that doubted me, I finally made it. I made my first appearance on Saturday Night Live

That’s me in the white dress. I played Excited Audience Member #142 at the act break. They wanted to test me out and start me small before they threw me into the big kid roles, but I’m sure before long it will be Weekend Updates and Cold Opens for me. 

I smell an Emmy…

While eating lunch in the meatpacking district yesterday, I was sitting two tables down from this girl:

Which, added to the time Rider Stong checked me out in the subway, brings my Boy Meets World cast member sightings to two. That’s two more than most people get. I am a lucky girl.

Dear Madonna,

Why you gotta be so fine?



PS- Remember the time I farted on your couch?

After two episodes I have formed my opinions of Bravo’s “Step it Up and Dance.”

Love Janelle.

Could do without Jessica.

Can’t stop looking at Elizabeth’s alien eyes.

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