September 2008

Dear Friends,

Watch this trailer for the upcoming Derrick movie. These guys are nice, polite, awesome, and beyond talented, and their shiz will blow your comedy mind.


Apparently, a lot of people were really upset by my comments on Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s accessories. I got a lot of comments, most of which I have decided (using my first ammendment rights) to not approve. Some, however, were too good to leave unpublished, and those sparkling pieces of enraged babble are below:

  • I guess Johnny Versace would be the ideal VP candidate if he weren’t pushing up daisies.
  • Do you get paid for this trivial banter?
  • youre fu**in retarded
  • Stop being dumb or spreading rumors.
  • Please leave the country, quickly.

And this one is my favorite. Listen up, boys:

  • now there is actually a politician that us men can swoon over…a governor, a former mayor, a gun owner, hunter, fly fisher,and one incredibly gutsy gal! I would love to see her do a spread for Playboy, but that would be wishful thinking. What’s a Banana Clip?