So I finally got a chance to start reading Alan Zweibel’s new book “Clothing Optional,” and couldn’t recommend it more highly. You all might know Alan as the guy who wrote for SNL in the 70s, or as Gilda Radner’s good friend, but I know him as a super-talented, dedicated man who has managed to make a living as a comedy writer. From books, to plays, to movies, to emails, he has written it all… and on top of it, you’ll never meet anyone nicer.

The short essays, exchanges, letters, and stories I have read so far in “Clothing Optional” have been nothing short of wonderful. If I were to equate this book to a type of person, it would be that cool uncle that you never get to see, but are always longing to sit down and have a beer with. It just makes you feel good.

So if you are looking for something constructive to do while you ride the subway or sit in the park or before you go to sleep, pick up “Clothing Optional.” It is sure to be a good time.

There is a great great great blog out there that ya’ll need to take a look at. A thorough, deep, intense look in the butt… at tumblr… dotcom. You can also buy the “in the butt” stickers by emailing Do it!

Sarah and Evan present:…

Fidel Castro has released his first photo to the public in quite some time to quell rumors that he is gravely ill. Now, I know Fidel is a pretty terrible person, but I give props to anyone who rocks a track suit for a formal-ish occasion.


Big Ups, Fidel

Big Ups, Fidel

Before I begin, I want to say that I have NOT seen this movie, and was never planning on seeing this movie, however in light of some recent internet explorings, my mind is on the brink of being changed. Sometimes they say that the trailer is better than the movie, but in this case, the reviews are better than the trailer. I dare you to not have a giggle-fest while reading the Mall Cop reviews linked below. They will kind of make the lights shine a little brighter and make you want to step over to the sub-par comedy dark side. 

The NY Times

The LA Times

And.. FYI… this was the #1 movie at the box office this weekend.

Really, America?

(Anyone want to go to the movies with me?)

Soooo… I kind of was on tv. Please check it out. The link is below. I promise this won’t go to my head.

Love and Heartbeams!’Brien/video/clips/conans-shopping-spree-101508/769183/

Dear Friends,

Watch this trailer for the upcoming Derrick movie. These guys are nice, polite, awesome, and beyond talented, and their shiz will blow your comedy mind.


Every Wednesday, I post my sketch of the moment. For anybody who doesn’t know me, that is the sketch (usually from SNL) that I am watching repeatedly at any given time.

This week’s sketch:

Kaitlin’s Instrument– SNL

I know I have said this before, but I mean it when I say that this is my all-time-favorite SNL sketch. Written by the great Emily Spivey (who I wrote about here), “Kaitlin” is the perfect example of a character. All of her absurdity is grounded and truthful, and Amy plays her with so much care and commitment, that you can’t help but have your pants charmed off.

Legend has it that the Kaitlin sketches were created as a way to make Horatio Sanz a straight man for a change, but being such a good friend, Amy took that chance to mess with him and try and get him to break character. As you see her screaming and singing into Horatio’s ear, the fun they are having is palpable. The camaraderie and chemistry between the two is %100 evident, and one of my favorite parts of this sketch is the fact that even when Rick gets tired or annoyed by Kaitlin, you can still sense his step-fatherly-love for her.

I kind of love everything about this sketch. Giamatti is great, Kaitlin’s musical interludes are a ridiculous (in a good way), and it has quotables for days. If you ever want to know what makes me laugh, just click on the link above, and you will have your answer.

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