Do me a favor and watch this. 12:35 am NBC. Thanks.


Trust me, youll like it. Love it, even.

Trust me, you'll like it. Love it, even.


JED and BRIANNA stare at trying to figure out where to go to dinner.


Should we really go to Benihana?


I don’t know…


It is such a commitment…




Both to the food and the experience.

I’m into classy things… Film, fine wine, cheeses, cashmere sweaters, art with a message, dogs that require special grooming, auctions, and the like… So don’t ever try to serve me a drink, unless it is served in a cactus shaped cup.

cactusThank you.

So I finally got a chance to start reading Alan Zweibel’s new book “Clothing Optional,” and couldn’t recommend it more highly. You all might know Alan as the guy who wrote for SNL in the 70s, or as Gilda Radner’s good friend, but I know him as a super-talented, dedicated man who has managed to make a living as a comedy writer. From books, to plays, to movies, to emails, he has written it all… and on top of it, you’ll never meet anyone nicer.

The short essays, exchanges, letters, and stories I have read so far in “Clothing Optional” have been nothing short of wonderful. If I were to equate this book to a type of person, it would be that cool uncle that you never get to see, but are always longing to sit down and have a beer with. It just makes you feel good.

So if you are looking for something constructive to do while you ride the subway or sit in the park or before you go to sleep, pick up “Clothing Optional.” It is sure to be a good time.

I think it is fairly public knowledge now that Miss Octomomma has been offered one million dollars to pose for playboy, and I can’t help but be completely baffled by the offer. First off, she looks like a bizarro Angelina Jolie, and second, after having seven million kids, nobody’s gonna wanna see what she’s working with. 

I know this is terrible, and I am shaming both myself and women everywhere by giving into arbitrary standards of beauty set by people who have no right to set them, and I know that childbirth and mommahood are beautiful things, but still. That is some shiz I don’t think anyone wants to see. Her vajayjay has been through enough. Does it really have to be fluffed and pampered for public display, and the ridicule that will most likely come with it?

I mean, come on…

Remember when it was stylish for little boys to dance? I feel like there was a very specific moment in time when kids dancing was totally vogue. (Not the Madonna foreshadowing via pun.) This specific time keeps recurring throughout history, ie: Missy Elliot’s video’s from a couple years ago and that time Alfonso Ribeiro danced with Michael Jackson, and I have to say I am a fan of it. Let’s bring that back people.

In the meantime, here’s Madonna dancing with a little boy while singing “Get into the Groove.”

Just as an FYI… ALL the footlongs at Subway are $5 right now. I don’t know if that is exciting to you, but for me this is fantastic news.

While my Subway consumption has dropped significantly the last couple of months, my roomates did recently tell me is that my Subway dinners are the only time I eat a real meal. AND the guys who work in the one at 30 Rock know both me and my order. I don’t know whether to be proud about this, or to go cry in a corner.

Regardless, $5 footlongs. Also, there are 99 cent lattes at Dunkin Donuts.

You’re welcome.