I was reading The Apiary recently, and came across this picture of The Office’s writing staff. They are the cream of the comedy world crop right now. I respect and admire all of their work, and The Office continually sets the bar for quality comedic television. The only thing that grates my cheese is that according to this photo, there are only TWO lady writers. Surely we know that there are more than two female characters on the show, so why isn’t there more estrogen representin’ in the writers’ room?

Before I go any further, I am hoping that perhaps this picture is missing some writers, and those writers are of the XX Chromosome variety. I also want to state for the record that The Office’s female characters are some of the best treated on television, however I am still disappointed in the lack of ladies.

I know the Vanity Fair article this year decided it liked women in comedy, and I read said article in full agreement. My opinion might be invalid though cause I like anyone in comedy… any type… any kind… except Carlos Mencia… he is lame, even when he is playing a woman. Regardless, I am baffled that Miss Guided starring the amazing Judy Greer was cancelled and that Samantha Who isn’t getting more attention. These are two examples (30 Rock being the obvious third) of quality “sitcoms” worth watching carried and written by lots of women. I also want to give Jane Espenson a shout out. Jane was a principle writer on Buffy and Angel and now works her magic at Battlestar Galactica.

I guess I just want you to prove me wrong Office. Show me that you DO have more women writers, because for every person like me who knows and believes that gender only mildly affects comedy, there are a hundred other dummies with a world’s best boss mug who would disagree.