Just as an FYI… ALL the footlongs at Subway are $5 right now. I don’t know if that is exciting to you, but for me this is fantastic news.

While my Subway consumption has dropped significantly the last couple of months, my roomates did recently tell me is that my Subway dinners are the only time I eat a real meal. AND the guys who work in the one at 30 Rock know both me and my order. I don’t know whether to be proud about this, or to go cry in a corner.

Regardless, $5 footlongs. Also, there are 99 cent lattes at Dunkin Donuts.

You’re welcome.

I’m going to go all David Lynch on ya’ll and start this story from the end. Yesterday, I bought a whistle from a man on the subway. It is a very nice whistle–silver and substantial with a black lanyard attached. This whistle came to me at 6am Saturday morning on the 1 train. I bought the whistle because the man selling them made me laugh. He had a whole rap composed, and while he rapped, he sold whistles… or 1 whistle… to me. I was the only one in my car who felt it appropriate to give a dollar to a rapping whistle salesman. Make me laugh, and who knows what I will do.