If you live in NYC, or in the greater metropolitan area, you probably have noticed the onslaught of Olive Garden commercials taking over the airways. Now, when it comes to television advertising, most people can turn a blind eye. I, on the other hand can’t, and in the spirit of admitting my weaknesses, I am happy to report that I gave in to the ads and dragged some friend’s to one of New York’s two Olive Garden locations.

Coming from a family that NEVER ate at these types of places, I was beyond pleasantly surprised. The food was absolutely wonderful, and our waitress was top notch. Her name was Keira, and I promised I would write about her….. And by promised, I mean proclaimed to her mid-meal that I was gonna blog about her whether she liked it or not. I know, creeper.com. Consider Weakness #2 admitted. 

Miss Keira gave us a sweet wine rec (and some for free) and when we invited her to join our table, she actually considered it. That is good people. She is also gonna get her SAG or AFTRA or Equity card (we never found out exactly) soon, so hooray for her!

Bottom line, if you’ve been watching a ton of TV lately and holding out on trying the Chicken Gnocchi Soup advertised at every commercial break on every station, give in. You won’t regret it. And if you do, you probably weren’t served by Kiera.