I absolutely can not get over the fact that I missed the Buffy reunion in LA last week. Everybody except for Alyson “Willow” Hannigan was there, and I was not.  I spent the greater part of my adolesence and teenage years watching Buffy, reading about Buffy, and pretending I was Buffy, so this is a blow that will take some time to get over.

On that note, a little birdy told me that Seth Green was going to be at Comi Con, and I am wrestling over whether or not to go. As you all know, he and I will be together one day, but I just don’t think that this is the way our relationship should begin. I don’t think the pick-up artist would approve of “I came to this comic book convention specifically to woo you” as an adequate opener.

That said, if you are a friend of Seth’s or are in fact Seth himself, tell him I will be lurking around the corner from the Javits Center. I’ll be carrying a red rose, and wearing my eau de desperation.