Until recently, I was very lucky to be living in New Jersey with the wonderful Rose, and there were certain things I just didn’t have to pay for. My momma warned me when I moved that expenses would come up where I didn’t expect them, and she was so right. The biggest expense that I was in no way prepared for is just how freaking much it costs to buy toiletries.

Now I am not the kind of girl who needs name brands or top of the line anything, but my money woes came to a head when I realized that a bottle of shaving cream costs at least five dollars.

Now I know that I just said I don’t turn up my nose at generics, but you don’t mess around with hair removal. I have seen too many people with razor burn in inopportune places to chance anything having to do with shaving. That is where the wonderful, amazing, Angela G. comes into play.

While venting about my toiletry toils, she let me in on a little secret: conditioner does the same job as shaving cream, if not better, and is way cheaper. You can buy a bottle of Suave for 99 cents ya’ll! I put Angela’s tip to the test this morning, shaving one leg with cream, and the other with conditioner, and I’ll have you know the conditioner leg turned out way better. It is softer and feels real nice.

So, ladies if you’re like me, living in the city and all your money is sucked away by trivial things such as rent, transportation, and food, make the switch to conditioner, and have a few extra bucks in your pocket.

Hey Ladies,

If you are trying to last an extra day without washing your hair use BABY POWDER. If you use BAKING SODA, your hair will be gritty, prematurely gray looking, and just as greasy as it was before. I don’t know what kind of dummy would pour BAKING SODA all over her head… certainly not me… but just in case you were wondering, I wanted to clear that up for you. It can be very confusing. Go BABY POWDER.

Happy Valentines Day!