Lately, a whim has struck me to go out and get an s-ton of tattoos. I wear a lot of black, and it’s become clear to me that some tasteful, yet rockin’ ink would be an amazing accessory. In a perfect world, I would look like this:

I’m not sure I could quite pull it off like Kat Von D. does, (I’m not sure I could pull off anything like Kat Von D. does) but I think I could work those tats out. The only obstacle standing in my way is that I’ll never get a tattoo that is bigger than a nickel… or a quarter… or maybe a dollar bill… Isn’t Kat pretty?… I digress.

So if you see someone walking around that looks like this:

(Plus a couple/a bunch of pounds and minus the bee’s nest and the effects of a pesky drug problem) It might just be me… new and possibly improved… Stay tuned…