Every Wednesday, I post my sketch of the moment. For anybody who doesn’t know me, that is the sketch (usually from SNL) that I am watching repeatedly at any given time.

This week’s sketch:

Judy Grimes: “Just Kidding”– SNL

This isn’t necessarily a sketch, but more an example of brilliant character work from Kristin Wiig. My favorite part is that Kristin never gives the joke away, and delivers Judy Grimes with earnestness and truth. There is no question that this is a “real” person, and at no point do you see through to the actress playing the character. I was lucky enough to see this sketch being taped at the live show, and there was a tangible feeling of awe throughout Studio 8H. Equally impressive was the bad-ass cue card skills that this sketch probably couldn’t have happened without. The biggest laugh for me is at the very beginning when Kristen does the “heyy…” joke. Watch and learn.