Last night was a night of two firsts…

1) First time playing Guitar Hero

  • Survey Says: FUN! However, I had more fun with the performance aspect of it than the playing part. Call me old-fashioned, but perhaps I am more a karaoke type of girl. It would also be cool if there was a bigger song selection. Like when you go to a karaoke bar and they have a bible sized binder of choices. Maybe I should just get Karaoke Revolution… it seems perfect for me… I smell a birthday present… KARAOKE! But what about Dance Dance Revolution… I want to try that too… DANCE DANCE! KARAOKE! BIRTHDAY! ARAARRRGHH!

2) First time getting 8 hours of sleep.

  • I should preface that this wasn’t the first time EVER, just the first time in a WHILE. The rumors are true, folks. When you get 8 hours, you feel great. I am not sleepy, my legs aren’t heavy, and I am not as hungry as usual. I’d say that I am going to try to do this more, but I know that is just crazy talk.

PS- For all you gutter minds out there who expected something different posted in my night of firsts, I am completely disappointed in you… a little… not really… Okay, fine, I would have thought the same thing. You aren’t the only skeeze in the room. BYE!