VH1 has announced a show that is going to change the world as we know it. Following in sister station MTV’s footsteps, they are gathering their most notorious celebreality cast members and pitting them against each other in some old fashion, prize winning, fun and games competition.

I Love Money” brings together former cast members from I Love New York, Flavor of Love, and Rock of Love to compete for $250,00 on a remote resort in Mexico. I don’t know what the logistics are, or how it is all gonna go, but I do know that shiz will hit the fan.

The show premieres in July, and the cast list is below.

Megan- Rock of Love
Whiteboy- I Love New York
Toasteee- Flavor of Love
Rodeo- Rock of Love
Real- I Love New York
Pumkin- Flavor of Love
Nibblz- Flavor of Love
Mr. Boston- I Love New York
Midget Mac- I Love New York
Hoopz- Flavor of Love
Heather- Rock of Love
Heat- I Love New York
The Entertainer- I Love New York
Destiney- Rock of Love
Chance- I Love New York
Brandi C.- Rock of Love
12 Pack- I Love New York