I am introducing a new feature today. Every Wednesday, I will post my sketch of the moment. For anybody who doesn’t know me, that is the sketch (usually from SNL) that I am watching repeatedly at any given time. As seen here.

This week’s sketch:

Locker Room Dance– SNL

The reason I initially liked this sketch is that it reminded me of SNL in the 70s, in that it isn’t prisoner to one premise or a joke, but instead finds something fun and goes with it. The fact that you get to watch Will Forte (who is amazing and completely underrated) dance for a good two minutes shows a sort of freedom that was very present early on in the show. An added bonus in this sketch (that I discovered recently) is getting to watch all the actors not being able to keep it together and truly enjoying themselves within the scene. Bill Hader is the most fun to watch because it is rare that you ever see him break character. Finally, the subtle heightening of Will’s dancing is truly amazing, and I could watch him play this character all day.