I finally made it out to see the Sex and the City movie. I really liked it. It was exactly what I wanted it to be. Nothing more, nothing less.

Before I go any further, I want to express just how special this television show was to me. Every Sunday my mother and I would watch Sex and the City together. The show was on for a long time, which meant a lot of Sundays chillin’ with my mom. The last Sunday before I went away for college, I surprised her with a cake that I specially designed to have pink icing and candy shoes. It had “Happy Sunday” written on it, and a long time passed before I adjusted to Sundays without my momma and my Sunday night blues were no longer.

My biggest fear was that SATC was going to be a hyper-glamorized, hyper-commodified, hyper-girly version of the show… and it was… but only a little bit. Any doubts or beef you have with this movie can be settled with one word: pookeepsie. Period.

The wardrobe, as always was brill-town, and I want to own every single thing that Carrie wore. All the women looked fantastic. The story lines were great. As I type, I keep remembering more and more things that I loved about SATC.

You could definitely tell that there were TV writers spear-heading the screenplay. It was chock full of parallel story lines that intertwined and were tied up neatly at the end. Each of the women’s arcs fit nicely with the others, and the weight of each conflict was perfectly dispersed.

I’m aware that there is a sort of stigma attached to being a fan of Sex and the City, however if you have any respect for the art of writing and producing, you should use SATC as a tutorial in how to do a good job. It’d be really easy to be embarrassed about loving a show focusing on single women’s search for love in the big city. I even wrote about it here. Judgments aside, this move is worth your while. I am so happy that I finally got to go see it, and can’t wait to watch it with my mom one day, hopefully on a Sunday in the near future.