I didn’t watch MTV’s Movie Awards last night. Did anybody? I respect all the hard work and planning that went into the production, but I can’t help but wonder are they even relevant anymore?*

I remember when the VMAs and Movie Awards were something to look forward to. When I was in high school and college we would have gatherings and parties to watch them, and everyone made sure that they caught at least one or two of the replays.

I went so far as compiling mix tapes, cassette and VHS, of the especially bangin’ performances. This was pop at its best. Britney, *N SYNC, Christina, Madonna, Eminem, etc. all saved their most special stunts for that big night on MTV, and I am sad to say that that type of hype and fun will probably never happen again. I remember working at Panera Bread and getting a phone call from my best friend warning me that Britney’s performance of Oooops I did it Again, the one with the sequin bodysuit, was going to blow my mind. The VMAs made and broke careers. Where would Madonna be had she not rolled around on stage in her wedding dress so long ago or kissed Britney on the mouth years later?

And how about the freaking hilarious movie parodies that they used to put together. I will never forget Ben Stiller as Tom Cruise, the Golden Girls playing Clueless, or the behind the scenes look into the life of a foley artist. A lot of brilliant comedic writers started out by writing those movie parodies, and unfortunately, that just isn’t happening anymore.

All in all, I applaud you MTV. You are still chugging away and doing your best to find your new identity as the world of technology and television is changing. The promos with Mike Myers for this year’s awards were pretty funny, but I hate to admit that that is the most exposure to the show that I am going to get.

*No, I haven’t seen the Sex & the City movie yet.