An open letter to Amanda from MTV’s The Paper:

Dear Amanda,

After seeing Monday’s finale, I feel like I need to revisit the subject of you being awesome. As someone who is older and wiser and escaped her small town to go to school in New York, I have your back %100, and wish you nothing but the best with your future.

It was clear on the show that people can be a-holes, and while a-hole-ery peaks in high school, you should never let it get to you. Little fun fact: when people are threatened or jealous or see someone they know they are inferior too, their dummy nerve kicks in and they do and say things they know are ultimately wrong. Look it up. The dummy nerve. It is right next to the Beer Goggles Valve and above the I think I’m fat joint.

ANYWAY, Miss Amanda, you are going to do so well at NYU, and I look forward to hearing about you in the future. You are already featured in the New York Times, and you haven’t even moved here yet. So, pack up your mittens and that beanie/beret knit hat I know you have, and get ready for your life to change.


Brianna “I really just wrote that” Jacobson