Yesterday, I was listening to CNN on the radio, and they were talking about how the Feds are going to be able to recuperate all the money they spent bailing out Bear Stearns. As the report went on, I found myself skeptical of the story, reacting the same way I do to a post on Perez Hilton or a segment on The Daily Ten. Now I know CNN isn’t the most reliable source of news, however I think my reaction is a problem that is shared by the public as a whole.

I don’t remember the days where people watched and read real news, but I think they once existed. The happenings of the world weren’t always presented by in glossy, jump-cut happy packages, and old-school news was delivered by anchors who could be ugly without consequence and would never use a glitter wipe to keep the viewers attention.

Now I don’t mean to be a hoity toity smarty pants, but I wouldn’t mind going back to those days. As much as I love hearing about fashions from The Hills and contagious baby bumps, I wish it wasn’t so hard to find out about the stuff that actually matters. I guess I was (and am) actually interested in the Bear Stearns stuff, however I don’t speak financial-ese so I still know jack about it. If any of you can dumb it down for me, I’d be very appreciate. Oh…and if at all possible…when you explain it, don’t forget to use a glitter wipe.