Last night I had a dream about snack food.

As any of my friends can tell you, I eat pretty healthy. I am on The DUBS, Weight Watchers for those of you not in the know, so I rarely stray from my low point high in nutrient diet, but there is one food I keep going back to.

I, Brianna Jacobson, cannot get enough Doritos. I just can’t quit them.* Usually, the Baked Doritos do the job, but Frito Lay has gone above and beyond this week in trying to to tempt me over to the dark side. I thought I had it rough when the Hot Wing/Blue Cheese Doritos colisions came out, however this week, they have released these bad boys:

 Mother-freaking-spicy-sweet-chili! Are you trying to kill me? I am going to have to go a whole day (or maybe a half) not eating so I can get my fix. Don’t be surprised if you see me at some point this week eating Doritos for dinner.

In my dream last night, I was scouring a craft service table, trying to decide which flavor of Doritos to indulge in. This is what I’m reduced to. It isn’t long before I go from this:

 TO: ** 

I also love Nick Cannon movies.


*This is a Brokeback Mountain reference….a movie I have never seen. RIP Heath Ledger.

**RIP Jeff Conaway.